With nature as our guide, we are committed to connecting both people and communities, creating a more supportive, adaptable, resilient and resourceful environment for every living thing. 

Become an Outside Lives Volunteer

There are a number of ways to volunteer with Outside Lives, all of which are sustainable, meaningful, and purposeful, providing a positive impact on the community.


Author: Will Rossi

Our Story

Outside Lives was established in 2018. Find out a brief history on why and how it was formed from our founder, Lucy Powell.


Author: Will Rossi


  • 60 Minute Rake Over

    We are pleased to be launching our '60-Minute Rake Overs' which were planned for last year, starting with a rake over event at Outside Lives on Sunday, May 9th... Read more

  • You can now view our website in both English and Welsh!

    We've installed Bablic technology onto our site to enable you to view all our website content in both the English and Welsh language. Read more

  • Community Plant & Seed Swap Returns!

    After the success of last year's plant swap tables, we're really pleased to be bringing this wonderful community initiative thanks to funding from The Soil Association - Food For Life. We have FIVE pallet tables, money boxes and banners to give away! Read more