As part of our familiarisation project, 'Basecamp', we've teamed up with Friend and Volunteer, Mark Poland (of Happy News fame!) to create a fun, simple and informative walkthrough of all the places on site here at OL so you can get a feel for the map before you visit!

Join us as we take a walk through our glorious woodland site and visit all the wonderful spaces and places we have to offer. 

All of our site is created from a 'reuse and recycle' ethos... we don't buy new, we repurpose materials wherever we can to ensure we as passive as we can be on our environment - something that is incredibly important to us as an organisation.

We also appreciate that due to COVID-19, many people have been shielding for a long time and that some, especially the more vulnerable in our community may still feel wary of visiting new places in person. This video is part of a wider project designed to give confidence to people about our site and the measures we have in place to keep people safe, whilst allowing people to enjoy our rural site.

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