We are looking for people to join us and become models for the day! We are organising for a photoshoot at our site to help EasyRead stock photography provider, 'Photosymbols UK' develop some new images for their library that represent organisations like us. We want to show people that our community is made up of all sorts of people and also celebrate our differences!

Number of roles:

We are looking for between 6 and 8 people.

Different Roles and skills needed:

Comfortable in front of the camera! Good at posing and taking directions from the photographer.

One off or continuing:

This is a one-off requirement


Not yet decided


Not yet decided

What you need to bring:

Plain clothes (no logos please), refillable water bottle, packed lunch, warm clothes & old clothes, suitable shoes, face covering, waterproof clothing, note book and pen.

Skills / experience you could develop:

Modelling, teamwork, communication

To express an interest in volunteering for this, please complete our form