Wild Tribe – our Wild Tribe group offers activities based around a love of wildlife and a passion for conservation, appealing to anyone with a love of wildlife and the countryside.

We aim to connect people with their immediate, natural environment through a series of conservation activities. This intergenerational group has a focus on engaging children so that they may understand and appreciate their rural environment, with kinaesthetic activities held largely outside. Presently, this group is meeting up via regular online sessions.

Art Box – our Art Box group is a hub of activity and is focused around delivering regular and arts and crafts projects that are both simple and sustainable. Our group is open to everyone, regardless of experience (or talent). We meet regularly as a group, though this is delivered via Zoom presently.

The group undertake a wide variety of creative activities and has significant connections with local artists.

Foodies – our Foodies group is focused on using food to bring people together, the idea of sharing food and connecting isolated individuals with the wider community. We host events, focuses and get togethers, though presently these are delivered solely online.

This is a really supportive group for anyone who likes food and cooking. We try to promote a plant-based approach; however, this is open to anyone – without judgement. We like to share recipes and encourage each other to try new and exciting dishes that are both healthy and nutritious.

Adventures – our Adventures group is for people who like to put the “active” in “activities”! We aim to promote activity ideas and different ways of exploring the great outdoors, anything from walks in the country, biking, and hiking… to more adventurous pastimes such as abseiling, climbing, paddle-boarding, and canoeing and anything in-between!

Many of the adventures we promote are in and around North Wales, but they can be anywhere in the world… we have many ‘Friends of Outside Lives’ who have either undertaken fundraising or personal adventures across the globe! It really is a group for anyone who has a passion for the outdoors - whatever your age or ability.

Green Room – our Green Room group is for anyone who has a passion or interest in theatre and performing arts. Our group is open to anyone, from experienced performers to budding thespians and those who simply want to try something new!

A theatre practitioner runs drama workshops with the aim of produce inter-generational performances that explore key social and environmental messages.

Take Note – Our Take Note is for anyone with a passion or appreciation for music of all kinds, whether that is listening to, writing, or performing it. Our talented group have produced a series of musical classes and events, some of which you can find on our You Tube channel, Outside Lives Video – give them a watch and see what you think!

Body and Soul – Our body and soul group is focused on the delivery of activities and materials centred around yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and self-care. This very popular group is for anyone who is looking to focus on/learn more about personal wellbeing and mindfulness.

Our resident yoga teacher has delivered a series of wonderful Dru yoga sessions, a mix of sequences, meditations, and activations, that are available on our YouTube channel, Outside Lives Video.

Dig In – this group is for anyone with a passion for gardening, particularly ‘growing your own’ vegetables at home. The group is largely based around our own community garden, where produce grown is often used by our Foodies group as part of our ‘get-togethers’, though presently, this is focused on sharing information and tips on growing your own vegetables at home, as organically and naturally as possible.

We welcome anyone with a passion for gardening or simply those with green-fingered aspirations!

No Plan(et) B – As an organisation, we are deeply passionate and focused on the preservation of our natural world, and the concept of being a ‘good ancestor’ for future generations. This group is for anyone interested in reducing their carbon footprint and minimising the impact we have on the natural world.

This group aims to promote awareness, sharing practical advice and information that helps us to make positive improvements and reduce our environmental impact.


Interested in getting involved? Great! You can find our groups on Facebook.

We appreciate that sometimes, joining a new group can be a little daunting… if you would like a little more information, we would be happy to chat to you about Outside Lives and ways to get involved.

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