Hedgehog Awareness Posters

We worked with the children of Bryn Coch School in Mold to develop some wonderful awareness posters telling people what hedgehogs can eat and also what to do if they find an injured hedgehog... or one outside in the daytime.

If you're school would be interested in creating some Hedgehog Awareness Posters for us we'd love to hear from you!

Luisa talks to Annie from the Wirral Hedgehog Rescue...

Learn how to paint a Hedgehog...

Check out our Wild Triber, Kitty's wonderful painting!

Other useful resources...

Take action for hedgehogs (The Cheshire Wildlife Trusts)

Build a hedgehog house (The Wildlife Trusts)

Make a hedgehog highway in your garden (The Wildlife Trusts)

Important points to remember!

Feeding a hedgehog in your garden:
It's so important to remember that if you are feeding a hedgehog in your garden, that they should only be given:
  • water
  • cat or dog food (wet or dry)
Please do not feed them anything else as this can make a hedgehog very poorly.

When to alert someone for help with a hedgehog:
It is not normal to see a hedgehog in the daylight, if you do, this is likely to mean it is very young or sick and this should be reported to your local wildlife or hedgehog rescue or by contacting the British Hedgehog Preservation Society as soon as possible on: 01584 890 801.