Our little part of North East Wales is steeped in tales of old - be that the rich history that runs through this area bubbling away, or the legends that peek from around every corner wondering if we’ll notice them. History truly is all around, and when we proposed this project, we knew only a glimpse of what we have since uncovered. Throughout, we have been so incredibly fortunate to have such wonderful contributors to this project - their names and their incredible work can be found throughout this booklet, and we cannot thank them enough for their work and support in bringing The History of Here to life. 

2020 was a seismic year - none of us could ever have envisioned how long the pandemic would last, nor could we have anticipated the effects that lockdown has had on us all. Reaching back into Welsh history, we see how important storytelling and the sharing of history was for local communities, in fact it still very much is - perhaps more so now than ever. The enforced separation that lockdown imposed on us left us all longing for human connection, and in the telling of tales, we share more than just words - we share emotions, we empathise, we connect with one another.


Some of the stories detailed in this booklet are also on our website as part of a selection of audio walking tours we have created in both English and Welsh. You will also discover a video BSL version too. 


I hope that this booklet which details some of the history of our local area becomes a talking point for you and your families, and that it inspires you all to connect with not just our communal history but our own family histories too. 


So, pour yourself a cup of something warm and let us tell you some of The History of Here. 



Anastacia Ackers 

June 2021