Introducing Bablic - Welsh Translations On Our Site!

As an organisation based in North Wales, it's essential for us to have the ability to engage with out local audiences in their preferred language and we have been trying to make developments here for some time.

Our new Volunteers newsletter is produced in dual languages thanks to the support and dedication of some wonderful volunteers, and now, thanks funding provided by Community Foundation Wales, we have been able to add translation software, Bablic to our website too!

This will enable visitors to select from Welsh or English language viewing options and can be found at the bottom of the website page. It may seem like a small thing, but for us this is huge. It's another big step forwards or us in supporting our wider communities with accessible and meaningful content in a choice of language, something that has proven very hard for us to be able to fund historically.

The new site will start to become a hub of activity and resources as we move forward, with the next additions being payment technology and events options - watch this space! 

If you haven't seen or used the site yet, please take a look folks! There's so much great content on there already!

Outside Lives x

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