We're delighted to announce that our dementia friendly sessions as part of our Wellness Wednesday's at Mold Rugby Club will start this Wednesday. These 'Like Minded' sessions will be led by Friend of Outside Lives and dementia warrior, Teresa. 

The session is designed by people living with dementia for people living with early to moderate stages of dementia and will offer a supportive and friendly atmosphere through which to discuss new ideas, be that for crafts, fun event ideas, raising awareness, or simply to offer support and friendship to one another.

Teresa brings with her a wealth of useful information for those just starting out on their journey with dementia, or for those perhaps supporting family and friends living with the disease. We also hope to be able to invite along guest speakers and helpful organisations as regularly as we can.

Join us this coming Wednesday from 10:00 till 12:00 for craft, wellness and social activities... plus tea and biscuits. You'll find our happy crowd in the big room at the Rugby Club every week.

Meet Teresa...

My name is Teresa Davies and I was Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 9 years ago aged 59.

I found at the time there was nothing around me locally for peer support, there was lots around for carers, but no friendship groups for those of us living with dementia.

I desperately wanted to develop a group that provides support, helping us to share our journeys and importantly... to make sure we have our voices heard. I took this idea to the DEEP Network and to Outside Lives, and that is how 'Like Minded' was born!