Well, this is exciting! The first edition of Volunteer Times is live and we couldn't be happier to share it with you all!

Moving forward, we see this as a way of letting you know all about the things we are doing now, or in the future, things that you have expressed an interest in and things that we would love you to be involved with.

As Lucy says...

The past 12-months have been a very different experience for us all. Here at Outside Lives we had to shift from an organisations that liked to do things "face to face' to a company that had to deliver things online. But we have embraced the experience, launching our YouTube Channel, delivering classes, workshops, quizzes and catch ups on Zoom. We have even managed to film interesting interviews using Streamyard. It is our intention to stay mainly digital for the first half of this year and then review whether it is safe to start opening site again.

As spring starts to make its presence known, we all start to come out of our winter slump and look forward to things to come. The longer, warmer days start to get you thinking about enjoying the outdoors more and perhaps for the accomplished or aspiring gardener, what you might grow. Look out for lots of information about growing food...our videos with Rachel Farr from Cae Rhug Farm are a particular source of inspiration.


  • Volunteer Opportunities - things we have coming up that we believe you may be interested in supporting, things like: Welsh Speaking support, Admin & Marketing... or maybe you fancy yourself as a bit of a roving reporter!
  • An update on site developments and key projects 
  • People updates
  • General updates

It's something we hope to build on as we move forward, and it's something we hope you'll be able to contribute towards generating too.

For now though, let's keep fingers and toes crossed that we can all see each other again very soon and start to bring the magic of Outside Lives back to everyone's diaries. It's been far too long and we can't wait to show you all the great things we've been doing behind the scenes!


We have generated versions of the newsletter in English and Welsh, thanks to the support of some amazing Welsh-speaking volunteers, this is something we want to do much more of as we progress...

Please select the version relevant to you and enjoy! We'd also love to hear your feedback on the newsletter, along with things you'd maybe like to see in here in future issues.

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