Ferment! The Art of Fermentation

We're pleased to be working with Friend of Outside Lives, Science Teacher extraordinaire and Volunteer, Hayley Evans to bring to you an exciting new workshop all about the many benefits of eating fermented foods and the positive impacts that this can have on our physical and mental wellbeing!

Tickets £40 (3 sessions) - taking place at Outside Lives HQ

Dates: 16/10, 30/10, 13/11 

Time: 10am - 11:30am

Did you know...

  • There are more bacteria cells in our body than human cells
  • Our gut bacteria influence over 20 different hormones which affect the way our brain works, our immune system, metabolism, energy levels and our overall mood
  • Everyone has a unique colony of 300-500 species of bacteria that line their digestive tract and eating fermented foods is one of the ways you can keep the bacteria healthy!

This is a series of 3, IN PERSON workshops in which you will learn how easy and inexpensive it is to make probiotic, fermented foods that are often expensive to buy in the supermarket. The cost of the workshop includes all three dates.
During the course we’ll aim to bust the myth that bacteria are ‘bad’ and need to be exterminated, and instead look at the ways we can harness the benefits of fermented foods to keep us healthy, from the inside out.

What we'll make...

Sauerkraut, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), Kefir water... and possibly Kombucha.

Dates for your diaries...

Week 1:  16th October 
We'll explore how maintaining good gut health is vital for our mental health & physical wellbeing
We'll prepare our Apple Cider Vinegar and our Kefir water
Week 2:  30th October
We'll prepare our Sauerkraut and continue the making process for ACV & Kefir water.
Week 3:  13th November
We'll finish making our Sauerkraut
We'll also get a little creative and upcycle some 'household rubbish' into an abstract model of a bacteria cell!
Please note that the workshops are at 2-week intervals to allow for discussion on how the fermentations are progressing as the process is not instant.

Who this course may benefit...

  • anyone with an interest in cooking, preserving, fermentation
  • anyone interested in improving their digestive system 
  • anyone interested in understanding the influence of diet on health & well-being
  • those interested in sustainable living

To book your place on this brilliant new course, simply follow this link: