Our Wildflower Meadow!

As part of our ongoing 'Bee Happy' project, which is all about encouraging pollinators (such as bees, butterflies, moths, and hoverflies) back to our gardens and helping to increase sadly dwindling bee numbers, we created a wild flower meadow here on site... and you can too!

There's many different ways in which you can create a wildflower meadow at home. As our space is in a woodland glade, it's unlikely that we will get the stereotypical 'colourful wildlife flower patch' that you might envision on a picture postcard, we'll simply try to encourage more of the native plants and flowers that we already have here on site.

So, rather than laying new seed, we decided to try a more natural process and see what is here waiting for the opportunity to flourish! We were advised to spread some yellow rattle seeds which will hopefully supress the grasses and allow the other wildflowers to emerge.

You can find out more about how to create a wildflower meadow here thanks to some information from the Eden Project!

Some other great things happening here onsite...

  • There's progress in the wildflower meadow... Last year we had 3 beautiful orchids - this year we have 7! This may not sound like a lot but this is good news and importantly, it tells us that our wildflower meadow is progressing!
  • A botanical survey - Luisa Citra, our lead WILD TRIBE volunteer, organised for a botanical survey with a wonderful (and very chatty) man called Joe who volunteers with the North Wales Wildlife Trust (NWWT) just up the road from us here at Aberduna Hall. You can see the results for 2019 here and we are eagerly awaiting the result of this years survey!
  • Our bees have finally arrived! We have the bee suits and we are planning some sessions with our beekeeper, Phil.



What's next and how you can get involved...

  • We have opportunities coming up for people interested in beekeeping to volunteer looking after the beehives
  • As part of our ongoing site management plan we're in the process of arranging another scything workshop with Phil (who is also our bee keeper!)*
  • Be part of our (quarterly) botanical survey with NWWT*
  • Help us build a bug hotel
  • If you represent a School, why not get your children involved to help us design us a poster about the importance of bug hotels, or even, help us to design the bug hotel we'll have here on site! (closes 24/09)

* More information to follow very soon!