Veganuary Recipes

As part of our Veganuary focus, we also gathered some recipe recommendations - a collection of delicious alternative, plant based recipes to try - all of which can be found on this page!

It's important to remember that going plant-based isn't for everyone, and nor should you feel pressured to change your diet, but every change we do make - whether that's a couple less meat/fish based meals each week, or a few swaps here and there does make a real difference, to your health and the environment. It's not about jumping in with both feet either - being imperfectly vegan/plant based or vegetarian a few times a week is a brilliant step!

Favourite Savoury dish - Beetroot & lentil burgers - Speedy BOSH!

Favourite Vegan treats - Peanut butter & caramel swirl brownies - Easy Vegan Cookbook

Other recommendations to give a try...


  • A Pesto (Mold) -  for their selection of plant based pizzas
  • Parivaar (Mold) - for their ability to accommodate for vegan alternatives
  • The Harvest Kitchen (Bradley) - plant based menu
  • Not Today Seitan (Oswestry) - plant based take away menu
  • Jade Buddha (Northwich) - vegetable curries


  • The Green Roasting Tin
  • BOSH!
  • Speedy BOSH!
  • Easy Vegan Cookbook
  • The Part Time Vegan