The Veganuary Diaries

Over half a million people signed up to Veganuary this year and we were pleased to be a part of it!

Throughout January 2021, members of the Outside Lives team took part in Veganuary, a campaign for people to follow a plant-based diet for the month. We talked about changes made, likes and dislikes and whether we'd continue after the end of the challenge - the results were great and lots of long term changes were made!

More information on Veganuary can be found on their website.

The Veganuary Diaries videos

We interviewed each person taking part to understand:

  • Their current diet? How has it changed over the years and why?
  • What they found difficult about including more plants in their diet?
  • What helped make this easier?
  • What were their favourite plant based ingredients?

Meet our Veganuary volunteers...

Kat Applewhite - Operations Director at OL

Phil Brereton - Finance Director at OL

Jill Blandford - Friend of OL

Stu Applewhite - Friend of OL

Further questions asked...

Throughout the month we also asked the group the following questions to understand more about their changing diet and we published these on our Facebook page, 'Outside Lives - Our World moving forward'

  • What about a vegan roast?
  • Favourite vegetables and vegetable recipes?
  • Favourite meat substitutes and where to buy them?
  • Favourite plant based dessert dish?
  • Favourite savoury dish?
  • What about a take away?

Th Results!

The results were varied but equally, very interesting! Some were already following predominantly plant-based diets, and some were becoming more conscious in the shopping and eating habits. The aim wasn't for everyone to become Vegan, but to try a more plant-based diet, with a view to increasing these options in their day to day lives.

You could start too, buy perhaps exchanging some meat products for plant based versions and seeing whether you like the switch!