As part of our overarching dementia awareness project, 'Singing In The Rain', which focuses on the importance that the outdoors has on our physical and mental wellbeing - particularly to those living with dementia, we are pleased to also be delivering our sister project 'The Hopeful Gardener' - an emotional and heartfelt account of living with dementia.

The project is told from the viewpoint of Friend of Outside Lives Teresa, who has been living with dementia since the age of 59, and chronicles her journey since diagnosis. Teresa was a landscape gardener for many years and it is love for the outdoors that she finds helps her manage her symptoms, and continue to lead a fulfilling life, the way she wants to live it.

The Hopeful Gardener Videos

A series of short films that tell the story of Outside Lives friend and volunteer Teresa Davies and her journey since diagnosis with early onset Alzheimer's. These are available to view via our YouTube channel - Outside Lives Video

The Hopeful Gardener Podcast 

A series of discussions with those seeking to make changes in how society views dementia.

The Hopeful Gardener Bonus Materials

Additional bonus materials from this wonderful dementia awareness project.

A Big Thank You To Our Funders & Supporters

This deeply important project could not have been made possible without funding from DVSC Denbighshire, The Welsh Churches Act and Denbighshire County Council, to whom we are extremely grateful.