We need a tech savvy person who can come to our site and help us to set up all of our wildlife cameras. The aim is to get our cameras set up to live feed, so that we can monitor the activity on our site whilst we are tucked up in bed!

Number of roles:

1 to 2 people. It would be wonderful if our 'technical wizard' could provide a mentoring role, perhaps showing some of our young volunteers how to set up the cameras and trouble shoot and issues etc

Different Roles and skills needed:

We need someone who knows what they are doing and are ideally confident / familiar with setting up outdoor camera equipment

Frequency of Opportunity:

One of set up! Ongoing help maybe required to check the cameras or if things go wrong! However we hope that if you are able to mentor one of our young volunteers then this could be a job for them moving forwards


No specific dates, however, the cameras have been ordered and are on their way!


No specific time set - we can fit around you

What you will need to bring:

Patience - if you are going to need to try and explain anything technical to the team here! (especially Lucy)

Hot drinks will be provided

To express an interest in volunteering for this, please complete our form

Count me in!