Wild At Heart

Our young WILD TRIBE volunteers are on a mission!

A few weeks ago, some of our young WILD TRIBE volunteers, Kitty, Henry and Emilia came to site. It's been a while since they've visited properly due to restrictions, so it was great to see them and quite a lot has changed on site since their last visit!

We had a great time, walking the dogs and nosing in the new Yurt... they even got to test the acoustics out by playing some percussion instruments!


Images with parent permission


This brilliant young team want to help us deliver more content on the things that concern them most, they're all keen to start writing some blogs for us on various things... some of which Kitty's already started to release, letting us know what they are doing that is Wild Tribe or Earth focused.


We were babysitting 3 hoglets that weekend, so the team helped us clean them out and discovered just how smelly baby hedgehogs are! For those Wild Tribers that didn't get this chance, don't worry there will be future opportunities!

Bug Hotels

The team also started to get together items we'll need for our upcoming Bug Hotel project. They came up with some great ideas on how they could coproduce this with their class mates at school!

The idea is that we will build a HUGE bug hotel on site here at Outside Lives and we want school children to help us design it! We asked Robyn Griffiths, our Graphic Designer friend to come up with the poster for us and she didn't disappoint! Great idea team, we can't wait to see what the posters look like!

How You Can Get involved...

Do you have ideas on how our bug hotel should look, what it should contain and what it could be called? You can also submit a poster - you can download the template here.

If you'd like to get involved, please send these back to us by September 24th 2021 - by post to: Outside Lives Ltd, Aberduna Hall, Maeshafn Road, Gwernymynydd CH7 5LE or by email to [email protected]

That's all for now, Folks!