SWISH! Outdoor Clothing Swap Event

FREE EVENT // We'll be holding a SWISHING event (clothes swap) on the 27th October at Mold Rugby Club. This event will be purely for Outdoor Clothing. Items must be in a clean and saleable condition - a great opportunity for a clear out... and a rummage!

"If you're not wearing it, you might as well be sharing it!"

Outdoor wear can be really expensive, so let's try to reuse & rehome any items we no longer need/want & reduce what's sent to landfill. Swishing (otherwise known as clothes swapping) is a fabulous way to update or refresh your wardrobe, without having to 'splash the cash' - helping you to effortlessly step out of the cycle of fast fashion #WinWin!

We're running an OUTDOOR CLOTHES SWISH on Weds, 27th Oct (10am-12pm) at Mold Rugby Club and we'd love for you to join us!

In order to make a swish event successful, it relies on the community (that's you guys!) bringing items that you no longer need/want; perhaps things that have been outgrown or replaced etc. (both kids & adults wear) and donating these to the event.

People who donate items receive tokens to 'swish' with - meaning that you can pick up other items that you need from what's available. It's also a great excuse to have a clear out, even if you don't want to pick up anything new!

What items will you accept?

This is an OUTDOOR WEAR swishing event, so we are looking for items such as:

  • Coats

  • Waterproof clothing

  • Base layers & thermals

  • Walking clothes

  • Walking boots/shoes & wellies

  • Walking accessories (thermal gloves, hats, scarves, poles, rucksacks etc)

What condition should the items be in?

These must be in good, used, clean - 'saleable' condition. 

We want people to be able to enjoy this alternative shopping experience and think about doing this more often! 

Remember... Pre-loved is Re-loved ♻

Please note: Walking socks are accepted but only if 'new' condition i.e. unwanted gifts.

How do I get items to you?

You can drop off any items to us at Mold Rugby Club, between 10 and 12pm every Wednesday until the event date. You can also arrange to bring items to Outside Lives.

What if I need/want something, but I have no items to swap?

That's OK, everyone is entitled to one item from the swish, even if they don't bring anything to swap. Anything left at the end of the swish will be donated to a homeless/refugee charity.

This is a FREE event, there's no entry charge and no charge to Swish - however, we would still like to gauge numbers so please register here:

The event is designed to help prevent clothing to landfill, and ensure items that are still good can be enjoyed by others.

You have a few weeks to gather your items - a great excuse for a clear out! We hope to see you there 👍