Parent & Child Group

Recently, we received some very welcome funding from DVSC which has enabled us to start a nature led parent & child group on site!
We wanted to develop something a little alternative to your typical parent and child groups, allowing people to embrace nature and the great outdoors!

Offering children opportunities to immerse themselves in the great outdoors is a wonderful way to boost their overall wellbeing. We wanted to provide this group with access to what we have to offer on site, enabling children to play outdoors safely whilst supporting their connection with nature from an early age.

Teach Early Years says: 

Put simply, contact with nature is good for our wellbeing! And there is more: young children who spend more time in nature have been found to have better attention spans, be less hyperactive and exhibit more pro-social behaviours.

Our connection to nature - how much we feel we are a part of the natural world - has been closely associated with wellbeing, as well as looking after the environment. By nurturing our young children’s feeling of connection to nature we can have happier children... and save the planet at the same time! 

As we emerge out of restrictions and with many still wary of indoor settings, we wanted to provide a welcoming and positive place for parents and children to meet, something perhaps a little different to the traditional community centre setting.

We wanted to grow this organically - starting off small to get a feel of how this would work and then encouraging the Group to coproduce its future direction! We're pleased to say that the Group have been meeting here for a little while now and the sense of community is strong... there's still chance to chat over plentiful tea/coffee, comfortable places to sit and chill and lots of wild nature for the kids to enjoy! They say it takes a village to raise a child, we like to think we could be part of that little community.

How to get involved...

The group are finding their feet, planning activities together and they'd like to invite other local parents to join in and further grow this little acorn into something a little more mighty!

Please note: sessions are FREE to attend (though donations for teas/coffees/biscuits are encouraged).

If you would like to express an interest in joining, or simply coming along for a taster... please get in touch via our contact form below, selecting 'Out Groups' from the options.



A BIG thank you to DVSC for supporting this project with much needed funding.