FREE Geology Event this Friday as part of a NEW Project!

As part of our links to the North Wales Wildlife Trust, we feel lucky to have been put in contact with a local Geologist to help us understand more about the important site we have here at Aberduna Hall, better known as Outside Lives HQ.

We have some interesting fossils here on site and we are super keen to know more about what we have. It has been confirmed that the Geologist will be taking their first walk around our site this coming Friday, and we are super excited!

If you are interested in Geology, and the physical nature of our local area then you too can join us on site at 12pm on Friday 16th. We are looking for people who may want to be part of this project from the start, both to understand more about the site and importantly, to help us to make some exciting discoveries on site!

This event is FREE to attend.

If you are interested, please email us at [email protected] to confirm your attendance.

We'd LOVE to have you on board!