Update - All tables have now been allocated!

We're really pleased to announce that our COMMUNITY PLANT (and seed!) SWAP TABLES will be returning this year, starting Saturday, May 1st!

Thanks to everyone who took part last year, the tables were a BRILLIANT success, lots of great feedback and people really getting involved. We really hope you'll all get behind it again this year in your local areas!

Tables could be in a community setting or simply on your garden - it's really up to you. We just ask that you look after it, keep the group updated with some pictures and progress, and importantly - have some fun!

How To Get Involved

We've made some new pallet tables and we have FIVE TABLES TO GIVE AWAY to those who want one, you'll also get a fab OL plant swap banner (see image above), some starter plants and a wonderful 'paint your own pig' donations/money box from Spavens in Mold.

Please note that we can arrange local delivery/collection of the plant tables.

If you want to be involved in taking a table, please let us know by completing the contact form below (please select the 'events' button)

The aim is to get people using these tables in your local areas, taking plants for a small donation and/or swapping plants that they have - a real community effort. This year we'll also be including a seed swap too!

We'd like to encourage donations where possible, 50% of which can go to the charity of your choice. The rest will help us cover costs and continue to support new planting projects on site.


This project was made possible thanks to funding from The Soil Association - Food For Life, we are very grateful for their ongoing support.