We believe that people are central to defining and delivering change within their communities.

Co-production is all about individuals and professionals working together, as equals, to deliver positive change. We want ‘co-production’ to be more than another piece of 'jargon', and we want to remove the battles often encountered when trying to design services and solutions aimed at improving lives.

We utilise the principles of co-production in everything we do at Outside Lives, and we also deliver an interactive workshop that supports both individuals within the community and other organisations, to explore the benefits of co-production in everyday life.

Co-production is a tool that enables individuals to:
  • Gain a clear understanding of the co-production values and how this differs from engagement or consultation
  • Explore ways of working together as friendly equals who value each other, working towards a shared goal
  • Experience our practical ‘Let’s go Co-Pro’ Action Planning tool, focusing on some real-life scenarios, helping us to better identify our skills and the networks needed to create ideas and actions for change