Outside Lives extends a warm welcome to everyone who shares our values (caring about people, the planet and the future) and these values are echoed throughout our Community Wellness Days. We want to ensure our events are available and accessible to as many people as possible, so, unless we specifically state differently, all of our events are open to people of all ages, abilities and experience levels.

What's the cost?

All of our events are designed to minimise or eliminate environmental impact. We look at everything from the power used on site and the cleaning products used, to the equipment and consumables needed for an event. If anyone wants more information on this, please get in touch and request a copy of our Environmental Policy. 

Our community focus, wonderful volunteers and Not for Profit Status mean that we will always deliver our events as cost effectively as possible. Each event is priced individually and in some instances we may also be able to subsidise the costs of certain events if we have been awarded funding for a particular project. Any excess money generated goes back into hosting further Outside Lives events, towards subsidising other community events and keeping the organisation actively able to support the local community.

Tuesdays : Outside Lives HQ

Wednesdays : Mold Rugby Club