As a follow-on to our 'Let's Go Co Pro' Workshop, these sessions allow you to look at how you can put your project ideas into action over 4 interactive weeks.

During this course:

  • We break down the ‘Lets Go Co Pro’ planning tool week by week and focus in on defining a project outcome
  • We identify our collective strengths & the challenges that we want to overcome
  • We explore our networks and how we can bring more people on board
  • We agree ambitious ideas and pin down the actions we need to take these forward


If you enjoyed the 'Let's Go Co Pro' course and want to further explore this subject, this is a deeper look into the benefits of coproduction.

This workshop will further explore some of the myths and bring to life co-production opportunities using real-to-life scenarios as well as setting out challenges, ideas and actions to be developed moving forward.


Cost for attending this course is dependant on whether this is for an individual or and organisation, and also the number of delegates. Please contact us for more details.


For more information on booking a course for your organisation or to express an interest in attending a future session, please email [email protected]

This project was made possible thanks to support received from: