We're calling any for any of our friends in and around Shotton. We are creating a new branch of Outside Lives... in the form of Community Wellness Days. We'd love for a couple of people to come and volunteer on a Monday at Rivertown Church, making teas and coffees and creating a welcoming atmosphere with a bit of that Outside Lives Magic ✨


We are looking for two or three people to fill this role.


This is a continuous volunteering role.


Monday 10am - 12pm


Rivertown Church Shotton

Skills needed:

It would be wonderful to have someone who is organised, and enjoys talking to people go around and take orders for Teas and Coffees.

We'd also love someone who is experienced in making a good brew and can work well in a team to make sure the Teas and Coffees are made beautifully.

If you'd like to work in a cafe / restaurant one day but are worried about taking orders or making teas and coffees this is the one for you! We can support you to develop these skills and you can work alongside our awesome team!

Skills you could develop and/or training opportunities:

- You could learn how to take orders and make the perfect brew.
- You'll be volunteering as part of a team and will develop good communication skills.
- You could become more organised and develop your self confidence and people skills.