Hi my name is Kitty and I’m one of the founding members of Outside Lives’ Wild Tribe.

I love animals and being outdoors so that’s why Wild Tribe is perfect for me.

I have decided to write a blog to let everyone know what we are doing in the Wild Tribe and what I’m doing at home to do with nature.

Me, hard at work on my first blog post!

This week for example I have set up a small animal den in the woods behind my house. My Aunty Nic (famous Scientist Professor Nichola Raihani!) gave me a small hedgehog house when we last saw her.

On Sunday I spotted a small mouse in the woods so we decided to set up the hedgehog house as a den. We also put my infrared wildlife camera out there so we could have a look at what the mouse (and maybe other animals!) were up to. I put hay and bird seed in there with a little cup of water as well. Then we turned on the camera and waited…

More updates soon!