With nature as our guide, we are committed to connecting both people and communities, creating a more supportive, adaptable, resilient and resourceful environment for every living thing. 

Become an Outside Lives Volunteer

There are a number of ways to volunteer with Outside Lives, all of which are sustainable, meaningful, and purposeful, providing a positive impact on the community.


Author: Will Rossi

Our Story

Outside Lives was established in 2018. Find out a brief history on why and how it was formed from our founder, Lucy Powell.


Author: Will Rossi


  • Pregnancy Relaxation Hour with Lindy

    SERIES OF SIX WEEKLY SESSIONS // A new Pregnancy Relaxation Hour for Expectant Mums. A lovely hour of pure relaxation - a great opportunity to meet other mums & help you feel ready for labour and motherhood. £10 per session or £60 for the series. Read more

  • SWISH! Outdoor Clothing Swap Event

    FREE EVENT // We'll be holding a SWISHING event (clothes swap) on the 27th October at Mold Rugby Club. This event will be purely for Outdoor Clothing. Items must be in a clean and saleable condition - a great opportunity for a clear out... and a rummage! Read more

  • Ferment! The Art of Fermentation

    We're pleased to be working with Friend of Outside Lives, Science Teacher extraordinaire and Volunteer, Hayley Evans to bring to you an exciting new workshop all about the many benefits of eating fermented foods and the positive impacts that this can have on our physical and mental wellbeing! Read more